We are looking for volunteers for the Board of Trustees who possess integrity, high ethical standards, and a sincere desire to contribute towards the accomplishment of Bayview's mission. A trustee must be willing to commit the time and involvement necessary to be an active member of the Board and its activities. For more information please contact Peter Henning at (425) 246-0800, or prhenning@comcast.net.

Board of Trustees

Peter Henning, Chairman of the Board
Commercial Real Estate Investment (Retired)
Serving Bayview since 2006

Nancy Waiss, Vice-Chair
Consultant with Senior Living Services. Former Principal at NBBJ Architecture
Serving Bayview since 2010

Molly Henderson, Secretary
Attorney (Retired)
Resident of Queen Anne
Serving Bayview since 2010

Wayne Bruning, Treasurer
Principal IT Consulting Services
Serving Bayview since 2005

Sam Konswa, Asst. Treasurer
Real Estate & Investments
Serving Bayview since 2011

Suzanne Barsness, Ex Officio Trustee
RN, MSN. Professor at Northwest University
Serving Bayview since 2014

Hugh Brannon, Trustee
Business Owner; Longtime Volunteer for Civic and Mental Health Organizations
Serving Bayview since 2012

Dr. Sonja Hampton, Trustee
Deputy Superintendent (Retired)
Puget Sound Educational Service District
Serving Bayview since 2006

Florence Lentz, Ex Officio Trustee & Resident
Elementary School Teacher (Retired)
Serving Bayview since 2012

David Peterson, Ex Officio Trustee
Business Owner – Midlakes Insurance
Serving Bayview since 2014

James L. Russell, Ex Officio Trustee
United States Air Force (Retired)
United Methodist Seattle Episcopacy
Serving Bayview since 2008

Wes Uhlman, Trustee
Lawyer, Wes Uhlman & Associates
Past Mayor, Seattle
Serving Bayview since 2006

Marion Watanabe, Trustee & Resident
Licensed Dietician and food service administrator (Retired)
Serving Bayview since 2008

John West, Trustee
Not-for-Profit Fundraising Professional, Seattle Pacific Univ., (Retired)
Serving Bayview since 2011

Bruce A. Winchell, Trustee
Attorney - Mills Meyers Swartling
Serving Bayview since 2011

Susan Vukich, Trustee Emeritus
Former President of the American Society of Directors of Volunteer Services
Serving Bayview since 2002

Frank Zaballos, Ex Officio Trustee
Chairman, Bayview Manor Foundation