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Bayview Manor Foundation: By giving to the Bayview Manor Foundation, you will be directly supporting the residents of Bayview and their cost of living at Bayview. Today, if a resident runs out of money through no fault of their own, the Bayview Manor Foundation steps in and supports their continued stay at Bayview. The Bayview Manor Foundation has provided more than a million dollars in assistance and support to residents since its creation in 1987. All gifts directly support the residents of Bayview Retirement Community.

Intergenerational Children's Center: If your heart is with the children of our community, please consider a gift that supports the community and the families that serve our children. The cost of supporting our mission driven, learning and care facility for children is not completely covered by the fees charged by Bayview. Your support is appreciated.

Bayview Retirement Community: As a non-profit organization, we thank you for considering a gift to support Bayview Retirement Community. Our fund supports quality of life programs and services, equipment, facilities, and area of greatest need. Philanthropy is essential to our mission of transforming the experience of aging to delivery life's potential.

For additional information, please contact Jennifer Ahrens, Development Manager, at 206-281-5761.