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class-descriptionEnhance Fitness & Easy Enhance Fitness: All 4 areas of fitness are covered: strength, flexibility, aerobic endurance, and balance. These are research based fitness classes, developed at the University of Washington, and include training with free weights. Enhance Fitness is a faster paced class, and much of it is done standing. Easy Enhance Fitness is a beginning class, done seated and at a more relaxed pace than the Enhance Fitness Class. Games and Creative components may also be integrated into the Easy Enhance Fitness class.

Pool Classes: Arthritis Foundation Aquatics is a warm water (91 degrees) pool class designed for people with Arthritis, but anyone can benefit from this pool class. This is a nationally standardized class developed by the Arthritis Foundation in which you will learn gentle range of motion exercises and use the buoyancy of the water to help you improve your balance, and the resistance of the water to improve your strength. Water Walking Classes are also offered for fitness and group fun.

Arthritis Foundation Tai Chi: Tai Chi is a series of gentle movements based on an ancient Chinese martial art form. Dr. Paul Lam of the Arthritis Foundation developed this safe and interesting program, which is easy to learn for beginners and people of almost any physical condition or age. This class will benefit your health in general and improve focus and balance. It can be practiced seated or standing.

Yoga & Meditation: Learn gentle yoga exercises while seated in a chair. We will focus on breathing, and listening to your body. You will be able to go at your own pace and do what is comfortable for you while stretching your abilities and increasing your skill. The yoga class will be followed by meditation and guided relaxation exercises.

Dance Classes: Line dancing class is a fun way to get your exercise, and as with many folk dances will be done without partners. We will learn simple steps set to country music, which will improve your balance and coordination. Ballroom dance classes are an opportunity to learn basic steps to Waltz, Fox Trot, Swing and more. Dance to the big band sounds and golden oldies.

Joy of Movement: We will use a creative approach to bring fun and meaning into our movement together. Play and socialization are a primary focus of this fitness class.

Mind & Memory: The objective of this class is to improve concentration and memory skills, while having fun. Various games and exercises are done either individually, with partners or as a group. You’ll be challenged and stimulated to expand your current abilities. Voluntary “homework” is given each week and discussed the following week as a way to expand your capabilities.

Shibashi: Gentle Movement for Health, done seated or standing. You will learn and practice postures with the focus on controlled breathing and a rhythmical flow of movement. The overall effect of these exercises is to reduce mental stress and physical tension carried in the muscles of our body.

Ai Chi Aquatics: Ai Chi will introduce you to the elements of movement through water. Ai Chi is a variation of Tai Chi. You will learn a progression of simple and slow exercises of the arms, legs and torso, with a gradual narrowing of the base of support, combined with deep breathing.

Balance Basics: A group class that will help you reduce your risk of falling by working on static and dynamic balance and strength exercises for the core and lower body. Develop your balance skills and build your confidence.

Relaxation & Flexibility: You will be taken through guided relaxation and stretching exercises while lying or sitting on the floor. Some gentle yoga movements are used, as well as back exercises, and core strengthening. You will develop your stress management skills, and your range of motion.

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