_MG_0410Bayview Wellness & Fitness Center has the resources you need to get started. Find something that moves you! Enjoy walking, pool classes, line dancing, or strength training. Enhance balance, well-being and relaxation with Meditation, Yoga, Shibashi or Tai Chi. Expand your intellectual skills with Mind and Memory classes. Research has shown that any increase in activity level or participation in social, spiritual or mental activities can improve your health and longevity. Enjoy what you do and stay fully engaged with life!

You can start small, start gentle, start from where you are, and start with something that feels good. Just start something today! Exercise is nourishment for your body; don’t let your body be starved for exercise. We want to help you be successful in your approach to fitness and wellness. It is so important to look at the lifestyle choices you make every day. Don’t let a sedentary lifestyle rob you of your choices. Start today, and make a difference in your own vitality and well-being. Take one small step, call Anne Binder in the Wellness & Fitness Center and schedule an appointment to talk about the next small step.

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Jeff Goldsmith
Wellness Director

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